My Family and my International Family

For years, I wanted to try a pageant but the ugly stereotypes about pageantry, pageant girls, and the dreaded “pageant moms” as portrayed on television drove me away. When I learned about the International Pageant System from a friend, however, I knew it was for me. I love the “family” aspect and feeling of the International system, but my favorite thing about the International system is its criteria. I love the fact that with interview being such a large percentage of the score, good communications skills are an important part of the final outcome. I also love the fact that platform is such an integral component of the International system. Coming from 7 years of Catholic schooling, service to others has always been a huge part of my life and I am so glad that the International system fosters that same spirit of service in all of its contestants. Finally, I love the fact that the International system gives me my chance to make my mark on the world!

I am also grateful that my family is so supportive of my dreams. My mom, dad, sister, and brother all do whatever they can to help me meet my goals. My parents accompany me to appearances and act as my “paparazzi”. They even arrange appearances for me sometimes! I know that no matter what happens, my family will always be behind me!