International Corporate Sponsor

So many doors have opened for me through pageantry. One of these doors which has opened for me is through one of my international corporate sponsors, Ricoh Corporation, who has asked me to travel domestically and potentially worldwide speaking on their corporate issue of environmental sustainability and their green initiative. They refer to me as their “Green Queen”! Ricoh has been a major champion for environmental sustainability in the business and corporate world for years having won the World Environmental Gold award twice in the past five years along with notable companies like Wal-Mart. Ricoh’s plants and facilities are all ISO 14001 Certified, meaning that they follow strict environmental management procedures in all aspects of business including: planning, development, design, procurement and production, sales, logistics, use, recycling and disposal. Ricoh’s plants worldwide produce zero waste and do not use landfills. They also have 100% recycling programs for all of their products and materials and all of their machines are Energy Star certified.

While traveling with Ricoh, I will also have the opportunity to visit schools, shelters, and recreation centers all over to speak on behalf of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.
With my title and the help of my corporate sponsor, I plan to speak in at least 12 different states (my goal is at least one state per month) and in at least 2 foreign countries the subjects of both the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and the Green Initiative!